We work with a wide range of clients. Some of our most common project types are:

  1. Mass market products. Ensure that the customer has an original in good condition, and then make one or more moulds depending upon a variety of factors, including: how many units the customer needs, what the turnaround time is, and how long they want the mould to last. Shorter term moulds can be made differently from long term production mould thus saving in time and material costs.
  2. Architectural Moulds. Factors we look at include:  cast material, weight, type of fixings for the appropriate load, building regulations and surface finish , all external products are able to withstand the elements.
  3. Interior Design. working closely with the designers drawing upon our experience to deliver the right type of finish and form for their needs.
  4. Fine art work. We work  in  close collaboration with the artist to fulfill their need. Whether moulding from fragile originals in wet clay, wood, stone or 3-D printing etc,  great care it taken to preserve the original. Cast can be palatinated or finished according to the artist.