Skills and Experience

Al Maddocks - Moulds & Casting

Mould Making:

  • all types of silicon mould making – brush-on, block & skin moulds;
  • anything from 8mm to 4 meters;
  • addition and condensation cured silicone &
  • hard moulds from fibreglass and Jesmonite;
  • casting Jesmonite, fibreglass, polyurethane & expanding foam, plaster, cast stone, reinforced cement and cold cast bronzes;
  • tooling & finishing plaster, Jesmonite and polyurethane 3-D print masters and casts;
  • painting, patina casting in a variety of finishes & spray painting;
  • restoration, repairing or replacing stone and plaster work, repairing damaged casts & moulds.

Additional experience:

  • teaching mould making and casting skills and techniques;
  • sculpting clay, plaster, milliput, Jesmonite;
  • gilding a variety of leaf on a wide range of surfaces;
  • painting figurative sculptures – fine detail face and body work, mixed media.

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